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Surfboard Manufacturers
Surfboard Manufacturers

At 40 Toes Foam Works we specialize in one thing - building boards.

Whether it be custom board builds, stock shapes from international shapers built locally, cutting and design services on our AKU shaping machine, start to finish construction of a model or line of boards, or even supplies for your latest backyard project we've got you covered.

Matt Tatum - 40 Toes Founder

Matt Tatum

40 Toes Founder, Shaper

Since the age of 11 Matt Tatum has been obsessed with surfing and surfboards. His time in the water began in Cocoa Beach Florida and his passion for riding waves quickly manifested itself on dry land with a large collection of surfboards, drawings, shaping tools and surfboard shapes. After relocating to Hawaii Matt was able to learn under three prestigious Hawaiian shapers at Resin Works Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay - Gordon Hansen, Jason Kashawai, and professional surfer Mark Lidell. It wasn't long before locals started riding his shapes and putting in orders. Since that time Matt has built many hundreds of surfboards and developed a passion for helping surfers to better understand their equipment and how certain shapes can enhance their particular style of surfing.

One of only 80 in the world, our AKU Shaper cuts a perfect board everytime.

Nearly half a million boards are produced each year on AKU Shaping machines, which features an integrated software and hardware surfboard shaping package. This means our partners halfway around the world are able to send us an AKU file and in a matter of hours we can have their model shaped with near 100% accuracy. For local board builders we can automate and refine the shaping process ensuring better quality control and more cost effective production.

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